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“This software is awesome!”

Apr 7, 2011

That’s what Eigenvector’s Vice-President, Neal B. Gallagher, wrote to our developers, Jeremy, Scott and Donal, this morning about the latest version of PLS_Toolbox. So, OK, he may be a little biased. But it underscores a point, which is that all of us at EVRI who do consulting (including Neal, Jeremy, Bob, Randy, Willem and myself) use our software constantly to do the same type of tasks our users must accomplish. We write it for our own use as well as theirs. (Scott pointed out that this is known as “eating your own dog food.”)

Neal went on to say, “Every time I turn around, this package and set of solutions just keeps getting better and more extensive. I am truly convinced that this is the most useful package of its kind on the market. This is due to your intelligence, foresight, and attention to detail. It is also due to your open mindedness and willingness to listen to your users.”

Thanks, Neal. I think you made EVRIbody’s day!