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Get PLS_Toolbox and Solo Models Online Fast!

Solo_Predictor software is an easy and economical way to use PLS_Toolbox or Solo models and preprocessing online. Solo_Predictor is an all-in-one product to take you from collected data to useable information.

Methods and Models Supported by Solo_Predictor

  • All preprocessing methods available in the custom preprocessing interface of PLS_Toolbox or Solo including mean centering, autoscaling, block scaling, derivatives, smoothing, baselineing, OSC, SNV, MSC, EMSC, normalization, GLSW, and more!
  • All standard PLS_Toolbox and Solo model types supported, including exploratory, regression, and classification models: PCA, PLS, PCR, CLS, MLR, SVM, MCR, MPCA, SIMCA, PLSDA, SVMDA, Purity, KNN, PARAFAC, PARAFAC2, Tucker, NPLS, and more!
  • Instrument standardization developed in PLS_Toolbox or Solo in the CalTransfer GUI.

Key Features:

  • Stand-alone operation (requires no additional software)
  • Flexible interfacing option including web-based process monitor
  • Scriptable through easy-to-use text commands
  • Support of all standard model types
  • Automatic application of preprocessing
  • Automatic variable alignment and missing data replacement
  • Trusted industry-standard calculation engine

System Requirements

In general, Eigenvector products should work on most modern computers. See our installation instructions (https://wiki.eigenvector.com/index.php?title=Installation) for detailed information.

Flexible Interfacing Options

Solo_Predictor offers a wide range of interfacing options to simplify connection to existing clients and data management systems. Interfaces include ActiveX, .NET, TCP/IP sockets (including HTTP), timed action, or a simple wait-for-file mode. Solo_Predictor can be located on the same computer as a client application (local operation) or on a networked computer (networked operation). A single Solo_Predictor server can also act as a prediction engine for more than one client. Solo_Predictor is also operating system independent and can provide web-based reporting and control.

Product Support

Eigenvector Research offers user support for Solo_Predictor by e-mail at helpdesk@eigenvector.com. Questions are almost always answered within 24 hours (and usually much less). Updates and bug fixes will be available for users to download from our web site. For information on other support options, see our technical support page.

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Order Solo_Predictor

For information on multi-client servers, site-licenses, and OEM options, contact us by phone (509.662.9213) or e-mail (sales@eigenvector.com)Our product pricelist information page includes pricing and other order information for all of our products.