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Donal O’Sullivan, Ph.D.

Senior Software Developer,
Eigenvector Research, Inc.

phone: (509) 662-9213 (main office) 
e-mail: osullivan@eigenvector.com


Ph.D. (Atmospheric Sciences), University of Washington, 1986.
M.S. (Applied Mathematics), University College Dublin, 1979. 
B.S. (Mathematical Sciences), University College Dublin, 1978.


September 2009 – present, Senior Software Developer, Eigenvector Research Inc., Wenatchee, WA; Chemometric research, development, consultation and software.

May 2001 – July 2009, Senior Software Engineer, Merck & Co. – Rosetta Biosoftware, Seattle, WA; Java developer in the Algorithm Development group for the Rosetta Resolver and Syllego genetic data analysis systems.

1998 – April 2001, Lead Developer, Marketorder, Seattle, WA; Designed, developed and maintained software for Marketorder’s Order Management System (OMS).

1997 – 1998, Software Engineer, Boeing, Seattle, WA; Responsible for porting CAC/CAM programs from IBM Unix workstations to HP, SGI and SUN Unix environments.

1990 – 1997, Research Scientist, Northwest Research Associates, Bellevue, WA; Independent researcher performing numerical simulations and data analysis of atmospheric phenomena.

1989 – 1990, Research Scientist, Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis, MN; Atmospheric science research using numerical simulations on a Cray YMP.

1987 – 1989, Research Associate, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; Developed numerical simulations of atmospheric flow using a Cray X-MP.


Software engineer with system development and computational data analysis experience.

  • Programming: Java (9 years), C/C++ (3 years), R/Bioconductor, Matlab, Python, Perl, Fortran, JUnit, Servlets, JSP, HTTP, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, JDBC, RMI, Webservices/Axis, Object-oriented design, full SDLC.
  • Tools: Eclipse Java IDE, Unix shell tools and scripting, Ant, StarTeam, SVN, Make, Tomcat, Toad, Sqlplus, JProfiler, Jvisualvm.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Unix/Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X.
  • Database: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Derby, MySQL 5.
  • Other: Strong statistics background; program manager experience.


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