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Company Overview

Barry Wise and Neal Gallagher met in October 1985, the first day of a graduate math class at the University of Washington. They founded Eigenvector Research on January 1, 1995. Both men have broad experience modeling chemical systems using theoretical and empirical approaches.


Wise first developed EVRI’s flagship chemometrics software, PLS_Toolbox, in 1989. More than 20 years later, Eigenvector Research continues to set the standard in powerful data analysis solutions software by providing extremely flexible, comprehensive and easily customizable configurations for use in a wide variety of applications and operating systems.


Software is just one component of Eigenvector’s winning equation. EVRI is well known for no-nonsense, unbiased and efficient consulting. Wise, Gallagher and EVRI staff have 100+ man-years experience with Multivariate Analysis, and have enjoyed the privilege of working with clients globally.

Short Courses & Training

Eigenvector Research offers chemometrics short courses for chemists and engineers who want to be able to analyze their own laboratory or process data or develop their own data models. Conferences, client sites, and EVRI’s annual EigenU are among the many opportunities to take advantage of this comprehensive training. In addition, technical support is available online 24/7.


1989: Development of PLS_Toolbox software started by Barry M. Wise.
1991: Dissertation “Adapting Multivariate Analysis for Monitoring and Modeling Dynamic Systems”
1991 – 1994: Three new releases of PLS_Toolbox under Eigenvector Technologies.
1995: Eigenvector Research, Inc. founded January 1
1998 – 2009: Eight new releases of PLS_Toolbox
2001 – 2009: Technical staff increased to eight members
2003 – 2009: EVRI developed nine additional OTS software packages