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Floating License Server

Floating Site Licenses

License_Server allows multiple users to share a license to PLS_Toolbox or Solo. This can decrease costs and increase productivity by providing access to a large number of users while keeping licensing costs low. A floating site license is configured to allow some number of copies (“seats”) of PLS_Toolbox or Solo to operate at the same time. Any individual with the access code can use the license, but the total number of users at a given time is limited to the given number of seats.

Want to know more about the product? We’ve made the user’s guide available on-line here. If you have any technical questions, contact us at helpdesk@eigenvector.com For sales information, see the contact information below.

Floating Site Licenses are available for purchase.

You can purchase a new floating license using our on-line purchasing system, or convert existing PLS_Toolbox or Solo licenses into a floating site license by contacting us by phone (509.662.9213) or e-mail (sales@eigenvector.com)

Product Support

Eigenvector Research offers user support by e-mail at helpdesk@eigenvector.com. Questions are almost always answered within 24 hours (and usually much less). Updates and bug fixes will be available for users to download from our web site. For information on other support options, see our technical support page.

System Requirements

License_Server can be run on any operating system with Java version 1.5 or later. See documentation for more details.