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EigenU Recorded Courses

Data Science Training at Your Convenience!

At our popular Eigenvector University, aka EigenU, we teach data science and machine learning for physical and chemical scientists and engineers. (We used to call this Chemometrics but it has become much broader than that!) EigenU is a great place to learn data science but sometimes you need training on your schedule and at your site. Enter EigenU Recorded Courses. We’ve taken our most popular courses from EigenU and made them available to you at your location and at your convenience. 

How It Works

Once purchased you will receive links to the courses on Vimeo along with supplementary materials. Each course includes many hands-on demonstrations using PLS_Toolbox and Solo. Course attendees can follow the demonstrations with data sets provided. Videos can be stopped and restarted, rewound, etc. so you can go at the pace you want. 

What You’ll Get Out of It 

Upon completion of each course, students will know the common uses and limitations of the data science methods covered and have the skills necessary to perform analyses with Eigenvector software (PLS_Toolbox or Solo). You’ll get the background required to understand the theoretical and mathematical aspects of the methods so you’ll be able to follow the literature in the field on related methods. And we’ll also provide course certificates so you can document your accomplishments.

Experienced Instructors

EigenU Online courses are taught by the same instructors that bring you Eigenvector University every year. Our instructors have delivered chemical data science training to thousands of students both at industrial sites and at conferences including FACSS, EAS and SIMS, and at research consortiums like CPAC and CPACT. Beyond knowing the material, they understand the difficulties new students have with the concepts. The EigenU Online courses take advantage of that experience by anticipating and addressing common questions. 

Short Course Application Bundles

Have a particular interest area or application you’re working with? We’ve created bundles of courses just for you.

Basic Chemometrics: A general introduction to the field and a starting point for other methods. Includes Linear Algebra for Chemometricians, MATLAB for Chemometricians, Chemometrics I: PCA and Chemometrics II: Regression and PLS.

Spectral Calibration: For those that want to develop multivariate calibrations for spectrometers and maintain them. Includes all the courses in Basic Chemometrics (above) plus Classical Least Squares (CLS) Methods, Advanced Spectral Preprocessing, Variable Selection and Calibration Model Maintenance.

Hyperspectral Image: For those that work with hyperspectral images from spectroscopy and SIMS. Includes all the courses in Basic Chemometrics (above) plus Advanced Spectral Preprocessing, Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR) and Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

Sample Classification: For scientists that need to develop classifiers based on a multivariate response. Includes all the courses in Basic Chemometrics (above) plus Advanced Spectral Preprocessing, Clustering and Classification, Variable Selection and Machine Learning for Calibration and Classification.

Comprehensive Chemometrics: All 15 courses from our catalog, listed below.

Data Science Courses

We currently have 15 courses available, starting with the mathematical background required for a good foundation through advanced topics. Click on the course title to get detailed course content information. All courses include a set of course slides in PDF format plus additional data sets and supplementary materials as required. All courses include convenient access to help via a web link to the course instructors.

How to Purchase

Courses can be purchased through your Eigenvector account. Simply login to your exisiting account, or create a new one. EigenU Recorded Courses are listed under the Purchase tab. Once purchased you will receive links to the courses on Vimeo along with supplementary materials. 

Pricing for Recorded Courses

Course Duration Academic Pricing Regular Pricing
Half Day, 3-4 hours $85 $225
Full day, 6-7 hours $125 $395
Basic Chemometrics Bundle $300 $875
Spectroscopic Calibration Bundle $550 $1625
Hyperspectral Image Bundle $550 $1625
Sample Classification Bundle $600 $1775
Comprehensive Bundle $975 $2950

Restrictions and Conditions

EigenU Recorded Courses are licensed to individual users and are for use of the registered user only. Unauthorized sharing of course content (videos, notes, data sets, etc.) is strictly prohibitied. Courses remain accessible for one year after initial viewing. See complete terms and conditions.