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Our Most Popular Stand-alone Package!

Solo+Model_Exporter  combines the stand-alone graphical environment of Solo with the flexibility of the model deployment options of Model Exporter. Model_Exporter provides a unique and powerful means to add fast and flexible model prediction capability to any third-party software package without the need for outside libraries or toolboxes. Model_Exporter exports models into a stand-alone “predictor” script which includes a simple-to-implement formula to perform a model prediction. Add the power of multivariate modeling to your proprietary application or simply apply models in Python, Java, .NET languages (C# etc), MathWorks’ MATLAB®, Octave, or LabView®, without the need for costly 3rd party toolboxes or libraries.

Solo provides the Graphical Interfaces to quickly manage and analyze data, author and apply models and interpret results.

Key Methods Included:

  • Data Exploration and Pattern Recognition (Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Parallel Factor Analysis (PARAFAC), t-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE), Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP), Multiway PCA…)
  • Classification (SIMCA, k-nearest neighbors, Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA), Support Vector Machine Classification (SVM-DA), Artificial Neural Network Classification (ANN-DA), Deep Learning ANN Classification (ANNDL-DA)Boosted Regression and Classification Trees (XGBoost), Clustering (HCA)…)
  • Linear and Non-Linear Regression (Partial Least Squares (PLS), Principal Components Regression (PCR), Multiple Linear Regression (MLR), Classical Least Squares (CLS), Support Vector Machine Regression (SVM), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Deep Learning ANN (ANNDL), Boosted Regression and Classification Trees (XGBoost), N-way PLS, Locally Weighted Regression…)
  • Self-modeling Curve Resolution, Pure Variable Methods (Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR), Purity (compare to SIMPLSMA), CODA_DW, CompareLCMS…)
  • Curve fitting and Distribution fitting and analysis tools
  • Instrument Standardization (Piece-wise Direct, Windowed Picewise, OSC, Generalized Least Squares Preprocessing, Spectral Subspace Transformation (SST)…)
  • Advanced Graphical Data Set Editing and Visualization Tools
  • Advanced Customizable Order-Specific Preprocessing (Centering, Scaling, Smoothing, Derivatizing, Transformations, Baselining, Generalized Least Squares Weighting (GLSW) and many, many more)
  • Missing Data Support (SVD and NIPALS)
  • Variable Selection (Genetic algorithms, iPLS, Selectivity Ratio, VIP…)

System Requirements

In general, Eigenvector products should work on most modern computers. See our installation instructions (https://wiki.eigenvector.com/index.php?title=Installation) for detailed information.

Product Support

Eigenvector Research offers user support for Solo+Model_Exporter by e-mail at helpdesk@eigenvector.com. Questions are almost always answered within 24 hours (and usually much less). Updates and bug fixes can be downloaded from our web site. For information on other support options, see our technical support page.

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