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License Maintenance Agreement

What is the maintenance agreement program? Each copy of PLS_Toolbox and Solo (and some other Eigenvector Products as indicated on the product’s webpage) comes with a one-year license maintenance agreement. As long as this maintenance agreement is in effect, you will receive all updates to the product for free. Your maintenance agreement also gives you access to our help desk support services – Users with out-of-date maintenance agreements may be denied support from our staff.

While your maintenance is in-force, you can upgrade licenses for free from the “Buy/Upgrade” tab of your Eigenvector Research user account. After the license maintenance agreement expires, you can only download product versions for which you have already been licensed.

Note that if your maintenance expires, the software you have purchased does not stop working. It is only your access to new versions and help desk support that will be limited when your maintenance expires.

How do I extend my maintenance agreement? You can purchase an extension of the license maintenance agreement at any time from 180 days before the agreement expires up to 1 month after the agreement has expired (that is, you have a one-month grace period in which to renew your agreement.) The cost per year is 20% of a full industrial license or 25% of a full academic license. After the one-month grace period has expired, agreements will be assessed all the back maintenance due, plus a reinstatement fee of 25% of the annual maintenance cost.

PDF of Maintenance Agreement