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PLS_Toolbox Command Line

PLS_Toolbox includes sophisticated interfaces that let users do their modelling via point-and-click. But it also gives users access to all its power from the MATLAB® command line. Any model development, data review, preprocesing or other activiy you do in our graphical user interfaces can also be done through your own MATLAB scripts and m-files. (Not a MATLAB user? Get all of the graphical tools and options of PLS_Toolbox in our stand-alone product, Solo.)

Functional or Object-Oriented Programming

Scientists have different levels of programming background but that shouldn’t stand in the way of doing custom analyses. PLS_Toolbox provides many ways to access its many tools. Users familiar with object-oriented practices can take advantage of our Model, Dataset, and other objects to perform analyses. Those used to functional programming can access the same methods through the standard functional command line tools.

Tools Designed for Scientists

Many multivariate analysis packages don’t supply the tools needed to analyze real-world scientific data, particularly when it comes to data preprocessingPLS_Toolbox is designed by scientists for scientists and includes the numerical methods, preprocessing, and validation tools you need to reach reliable, accurate, and informative results. It contains the widest array of multivariate scientific analysis filters, methods, and tools you’ll find – for a partial list, see our Product Page, and for the full list organized by function, see our Documentation Wiki.

Novice to Expert-Level Data Analysis

Multiple levels of programming interfaces in PLS_Toolbox allow all levels of user to be effective in thier data analysis – and stays useful as your experience and needs expand.

Novice users quickly learn to use high-level model building tools to script analyses:

  • Standardized functions and objects enable quick learning of the programming..
  • Hundreds of interactive demos show step-by-step instruction for using many of the top-level PLS_Toolbox tools.
  • Open source code allows access to methods — no more black-box analyses!

Expert users access high- or low-level engines to create new methods:

  • Three levels of objects and functions allow integration of the most involved modeling tools down to the most basic numerical calculations.
  • Total freedom to integrate PLS_Toolbox with your hardware and software using MATLAB
  • A large range of utilities enable rapid method and interface development.
  • Highly-customizable and accessible user interfaces allow experts to automate methods, importers, and exporters.

Compiling PLS_Toolbox Functions

PLS_Toolbox functions can be used in custom MATLAB code provided that a valid license exists for every copy in use and the code is not redistributed or compiled. But what if you want to use a PLS_Toolbox function in a compiled applications? Compilation licenses are available that allow you to do this. Generally we require that the compiled code is used only within your oganization and not widely distributed.

For more information, see our blog post on Compiling PLS_Toolbox or write to sales@eigenvector.com.

Download a demo and explore

Download a fully functional 30-day demo. We suggest you use our introduction EigenGuides to get started. Feel free to email us at helpdesk@eigenvector.com with your questions.

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