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Year 27

Jan 5, 2021

And so it begins again!

For the 27th time I’ve gotten up on the first business day of January looking forward to a new year with Eigenvector Research. The overall plan doesn’t change much: keep improving the software, provide training in data science/chemometric methods and help clients with their challenging data problems. But the details! So many things to decide! What features to add to our software? What courses to teach, and when? What research to pursue and where to present and publish? The list goes on…

Plus we welcome this week a new staff member, Sean Roginski (pictured at right). Sean completed his M.S. in Data Science at University of North Carolina Wilmington last fall. Prior to that Sean did an internship with us developing a Python software development kit (SDK) to enhance communication with our Solo_Predictor prediction engine. He also constructed an architecture that will help us integrate Python tools into PLS_Toolbox. We really liked what he did, so we hired him! And yes, if his name sounds familiar, he is the son of our Bob Roginski.

The addition of Sean Roginski brings our full time software development and support staff to five, including (in reverse order of seniority) Lyle Lawrence (3 years), Donal O’Sullivan (11 years), Bob Roginski (14 years) and R. Scott Koch (17 years). Given their 50 man-years of experience with our software (Bob and Lyle were PLS_Toolbox users long before they became employees) it’s no surprise that they make our Helpdesk actually helpful.

So we look forward to bringing you new tools and courses in 2021 and, as always, are available to help you with your data science projects.

Stay healthy and stay tuned!