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Staff Update: Three Newcomers and a Veteran

Nov 28, 2016

This past year has brought several additions to our team and we’d like to take some time to introduce them to our community. This spring Eigenvector welcomed two new members, Dr. Benjamin Kehimkar and Mathias Darr. Benjamin completed his PhD at the University of Washington in Analytical Chemistry, and specializes in chromatography and mass spectrometry. Before joining EVRI, he was a video game developer and is the creator of two Unity3D-based games. He also enjoys cycling, cooking, and chemistry.

Mathias hails from Western Washington University, where he graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics in 2014. Here at EVRI his focus is on signal processing and numerical methods. Mathias plays the guitar and piano, and also enjoys backpacking and hiking in the nearby Cascade mountains.

We’re really excited to have both Benjamin and Mathias on the team. Says Barry M. Wise, President of EVRI: “Benjamin and Mathias weren’t afraid to dive right into our software support and development efforts. They got up to speed quickly and have been helping customers and working on new methods for our spring 2017 releases. With them on board we can continue to accelerate our development while maintaining our high level of user support.”

Clare Wise also joins the team as a marketing and engineering intern. Clare attended University of Colorado and just graduated with a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering. She also skied for CU’s NCAA National Champion ski team. Ms. Wise hopes to start medical school in Fall 2017, but in the meantime she’ll be updating the website as well as taking on many of the communications from EVRI (like this one!).

In addition, Eigenvectorian Dr. Robert T. “Bob” Roginski celebrated his 10th anniversary with EVRI this summer. Says Barry, “Bob is equally at home on consulting projects in pharma, medical devices and petrochemical as he is with software development. He leads our on-line applications team where all these technical areas come together. Bob’s in-depth knowledge and thoroughness assure that our customers’ models will run seamlessly and produce the expected results. We congratulate Dr. Roginski on his first 10 years at EVRI and look forward to the next 10!”

We’re very excited to have newcomers Mathias, Benjamin, and Clare on the team along with veteran Bob. They’ll all be at Eigenvector University in spring 2017, so be sure to sign up before space runs out!