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Separate the Chemistry from the Physics with EMSC

EMSC, Extended Multiplicative Scatter Correction, is a powerful preprocessing technique that isolates and removes complicated multiplicative effects caused by physical phenomena so that chemical effects can be more easily modeled. The most common physical effect is light scattering in reflectance spectroscopy which is depended on particle size distributions. EMSC expands on the popular Multiplicative Scatter/Signal Correction technique by offering much improved flexibility in selecting backgrounds to subtract known interferences as well as scaling targets and known analyte spectra.

Examples of this leading-edge technology:

  • Martens H, Stark E., “Extended multiplicative signal correction and spectral interference subtraction: new preprocessing methods for near infrared spectroscopy,” Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 1991; 9: 625-635.
  • Martens, H.; Nielsen, J. P. and Engelsen, S. B. “Light Scattering and Light Absorbance Separated by Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction. Application to Near-Infrared Transmission Analysis of Powder Mixtures” Analytical Chemistry 2003; 75(3), 394-404.
  • Gallagher, N.B, Blake, T.A., Gassman, P.L., “Application of Extended Multiplicative Scatter Correction to mid-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy of Soil” accepted Special Issue for Sijmen de Jong Journal of Chemometrics; 2005.

System Requirements

EMSC_Toolbox is now included free with each copy of PLS_Toolbox. No separate lincense is needed! To demo or purchase a copy, see the PLS_Toolbox product.