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Eigenvectorians Hit the Road

May 6, 2011

The next six months promise to be a busy time for the Eigenvectorians. We’ll be hitting the road to eight conferences in the US and Europe. I’ve listed below the conferences we’ll be attending, the talks and courses we’ll be giving, and our exhibits. (Note: not all talks have been accepted yet!)

SSC12, Billund, Denmark, June 7-10

  • A Guide to Orthogonalization Filters Used in Multivariate Image Analysis and Conventional Applications, by Barry M. Wise (BMW), Jeremy M. Shaver (JMS) and Neal B. Gallagher (NBG)
  • We will also offer Advanced Preprocessing at SSC12 on June 7

AOAC PacNW, Tacoma, Washington, June 21-22

  • Simultaneous Analysis of Multivariate Images from Multiple Analytical Techniques, by JMS, and Eunah Lee of HORIBA Scientific
  • We’ll also have an exhibit table at AOAC, so please stop by!

NORM 2011, Portland, Oregon June 26-29

  • A Guide to the Orthogonalization Filter Smörgåsbord, by BMW, JMS and NBG

SIMS XVIII, Riva del Garda, Italy, September 18-23

  • Deconvolving SIMS Images using Multivariate Curve Resolution with Contrast Constraints, by BMW and Willem Windig (WW)

ICRM, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, September 25-29

  • Analysis of Hyperspectral Images using Multivariate Curve Resolution with Contrast Constraints, by BMW and WW

FACSS, Reno, Nevada, October 2-7

  • Multivariate Modeling of Batch Processes Using Summary Variables, by BMW and NBG
  • Detection of Adulterants in Raw Materials Utilizing Hyperspectral Imaging with Target and Anomaly Detection Algorithms, by Lam K. Nguyen and Eli Margilith of Opotek, NBG and JMS
  • A Comparison of Detection Strategies for Solids and Organic Liquids on Surfaces Using Long Wave Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging, by NBG, and Thomas A. Blake and James F. Kelly of PNNL
  • Visualizing Results: Data Fusion and Analysis for Hyperspectral Images, by JMS, Eunah Lee and Karen Gall
  • EVRI will also offer Advanced Preprocessing and Intro to Multivariate Image Analysis at FACSS
  • EVRI will also be at the FACSS Exhibit in Booth #29

AIChE Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, October 16-21

  • Correlating Powder Flowability to Particle Size Distribution using Chemometric Techniques by Christopher Burcham of Eli Lilly and Robert T. Roginski (RTR)

EAS, Somerset, NJ, November 14-17

  • Orthogonalization Filter Preprocessing in NIR Spectroscopy, by BMW, JMS and NBG
  • Eigenvector is once again proud to sponsor the EAS Award for Achievements in Chemometrics, this year honoring Beata Walczak
  • BMW will assist Don Dahlberg with a new short course, Intermediate Chemometrics without Equations
  • EVRI can also be found at the EAS Exposition in Booth #508

Now that you know where we’re going to be, we hope you’ll stop by and say hello!