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Applied Multiway Analysis

Course Description

Applied Multi-way Analysis begins with a review of multi-way data structures and the instruments that generate such data. Multi-way models, such as PARAFAC and N-PLS, will be illustrated. Emphasis will be placed on how to apply these models and to show their unique properties. Applications, such as sensory data, chromatographic data and fluorescence data, will be discussed. The course will finish with some advanced considerations such as optimal preprocessing. The course includes hands-on computer time for participants to work example problems using PLS_Toolbox and MATLAB.


Linear Algebra for ChemometriciansMATLAB for Chemometricians, and Chemometrics I–PCA or equivalent experience.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    Notation used in multi-way analysis
    Intro to 3-way and higher data (chromatographic, EEM, batch process, etc.)
    Handling 3-way data in MATLAB
  2. Multi-way Models
    Multi-linear PLS