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Donal O’Sullivan joins Eigenvector

Sep 5, 2009

We’re pleased to announce that Donal O’Sullivan is the newest Eigenvectorian. As Senior Software Developer, Donal will be working with our Jeremy Shaver and Scott Koch to accelerate development of our off-the-shelf software products (PLS_Toolbox, Solo, etc.) and create custom solutions for our consulting clients.

Donal has a wealth of programming experience and a very interesting scientific background as well. After receiving his M.S. in Applied Mathematics at University College Dublin, he came to University of Washington where he completed his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences. This was followed by several research positions focused on the computationally intensive problem of modeling atmospheric phenomena. Most recently, Donal has worked with biosoftware, in the Algorithm Development Group for the Rosetta Resolver and Syllego genetic data analysis systems.

We’re excited about working with Donal because, in addition to great programming skills, he brings experience working with a diverse set of applications. Beyond that, we find him to be quite thoughtful, dedicated to quality, and easy to be around!

Welcome Donal!