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Coming in 6.0: Analysis Report Writer

Sep 4, 2010

Version 6.0 of PLS_Toolbox, Solo and Solo+MIA will be out this fall. There will be lots of new features, but right at the moment I’m having fun playing with one in particular: the Analysis Report Writer (ARW). The ARW makes documenting model development easy. Once you have a model developed, just make the plots you want to make, then select Tools/Report Writer in the Analysis window. From there you can select HTML, or if you are on a Windows PC, MS Word or MS Powerpoint for saving your report. The ARW then writes a document with all the details of your model, along with copies of all the figures you have open.

As an example, I’ve developed a (quick and dirty!) model using the tablet data from the IDRC shootout in 2002. The report shows the model details, including the preprocessing and wavelength selection, along with the plots I had up. This included the calibration curve, cross-validation plot, scores on first two PCs, and regression vector. But it could include any number and type of plots as desired by the user. Statistics on the prediction set are also included.

Look for Version 6.0 on our web site in October, or come visit us at FACSS, booth 48.