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2012 Another Good Year for EVRI, on to 2013!

Jan 16, 2013

2012 is in the books and it was another good year for EVRI. Once again our year-over-year software sales were up. The end of the year was especially good. November was our best software sales month ever until December, which was better still! We move into 2013, our 19th year, with a renewed sense of momentum.

In 2013 we’ll continue to build on the unique features of our software. As always, improvements and additions are driven by the combination of customer requests, our own needs for consulting projects, and interesting developments in the field of chemometrics. We will continue to release two major updates a year (spring and fall) and minor updates as required. Updates are free to users with active maintenance agreements. Software support continues to be a top priority, and we have extended the hours of coverage for our e-mail based HelpDesk@Eigenvector.com, now 6am to midnight Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, (with additional checks on weekends).

Software improvements planned for 2013 include:

  • Methods to help automate the model building process in PLS_Toolbox and Solo
  • Automatic evaluation of different model types and preprocessing schemes
  • Improvements to Solo_Predictor for on-line analysis, including expansion of the number of ways to communicate with other software and instruments
  • Compatibility with more instruments from more manufacturers, more Technology Partners

Our training efforts will continue unabated in 2013, with our 8th annual Eigenvector University planned for May 12-17. You’ll also find our courses at numerous conference sites. Our EigenU Online classes will be expanded, with classes on Clustering and Classification and Multivariate Image Analysis coming this Spring. And of course we’ll continue to add to our bank of EigenGuide Videos demonstrating use of our software.

EVRI’s staff of consultants and software developers, with a combined 100+ man-years of chemometrics experience, will continue assisting clients both domestically and internationally.

We look forward to working with you in 2013!