EigenGuides are short videos which help explain features of our software or of an analysis method. Please let us know if you'd like us to include an EigenGuide on a topic you don't see here!

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Using the Hierarchical Model Builder[Flash][Quicktime]


Eigenvector Company Profile[Flash][Quicktime]
PLS on Tablet Data[Flash][Quicktime]
Analysis Window - Introduction[Flash][Quicktime]
PLS-DA to classify alcoholics on blood/urine tests[Flash][Quicktime]
Workspace Browser - Introduction[Flash][Quicktime]

General How-To

Preprocessing - Managing Listed Items[Flash][Quicktime]
Analysis Window - Report Writer[Flash][Quicktime]
Modifying Class Symbols[Flash][Quicktime]
Introduction to Version 7.0[Flash][Quicktime]
Workspace Browser - Applying Preprocessing[Flash][Quicktime]
Workspace Browser - Importing and Augmenting Data[Flash][Quicktime]

Image Analysis

Importing Multivariate Images[Flash][Quicktime]
Plotting and TrendTool with Images[Flash][Quicktime]
Multivariate Analysis of Images[Flash][Quicktime]
Image and Particle Analysis with Solo+MIA 6.2[Flash][Quicktime]

Quick Tips

Drag and Drop From Matlab Workspace[Flash][Quicktime]

Advanced Topics

Batch Modeling Tools - Introduction[Flash][Quicktime]
Robust PCA[Flash][Quicktime]
Advanced Preprocessing 1 (Introduction)[Flash][Quicktime]
Advanced Preprocessing 2 (GLS in classification)[Flash][Quicktime]
Advanced Preprocessing 3 (EPO in classification)[Flash][Quicktime]
Advanced Preprocessing 4 (External Clutter)[Flash][Quicktime]
Advanced Preprocessing 5 (GLS in regression)[Flash][Quicktime]
Nonlinear Methods 1 (Introduction/MLR)[Flash][Quicktime]
Nonlinear Methods 2 (Polytransform/MLR)[Flash][Quicktime]
Nonlinear Methods 3 (Locally Weighted Regression)[Flash][Quicktime]
Nonlinear Methods 4 (Support Vector Machines)[Flash][Quicktime]
Nonlinear Methods 5 (Summary)[Flash][Quicktime]

Other Topics

PCA on Wine Data[Flash][Quicktime]

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