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10,000 Commits

Jul 30, 2010

The EVRI software developers surpassed a landmark when our Donal O’Sullivan made the 10,000th “commit” to our software repository. Donal was working on some improvements to our Support Vector Machine (SVM) routines in PLS_Toolbox and submitted the changes yesterday afternoon.

As noted by our Chief of Technology Development, Jeremy Shaver, “This is a trivial landmark in some ways (it is just a number, like when your car rolls over 10,000 miles) but it also indicates just how active our development is. It all started with a revision by Scott in March, 2004. In six years time, we’ve committed thousands upon thousands of lines of code and many megabytes of files. That’s an average of 1666 commits/year or 4.6 commits/day although nearly 2000 of those were in the last year.”

The level of activity in our software repository truly demonstrates how our product development continues to accelerate. Thanks go to our users for driving, and funding, the advancements. And of course, to our developers, thanks for all your efforts, guys!