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DataSet Object

Get Organized with DataSet Object

Eigenvector Research created DataSet Object to facilitate data set handling. DataSet Object is a standard MATLAB® object applicable to any data which requires storing auxiliary information along with the data itself. This innovative application provides a standard way to associate all the related parts of a data set, for example sample and variable labels, class variables, time and wavelength axes. When added to a MATLAB® installation, DataSet Object creates a new object that integrates all the separate components associated with a data set into a single variable in the MATLAB® workspace.

An example of the MATLAB® command window after DataSet Object has been installed is shown below. Data consisting of three different variables has been loaded into the workspace. These include the data matrix “dat”, sample labels names and variable labels” vars”. This data can be combined into a single data object “h” using the commands shown. When displayed, the separate parts of the data are listed. (The data object should look familiar to those who have been using MATLAB® structures.)

DataSet Object Available Free

Eigenvector Research is making DataSet Object available of free charge in hopes that MATLAB users everywhere will use it when writing routines that are data intensive. DataSet Object greatly enhances the exchange of data sets, the translation of data sets between file types (such as JCAMP) and the handling of data sets within MATLAB. Of course, PLS_Toolbox takes full advantage of DataSet Object and also provides several data import routines.

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Product support is available through the Eigenvector helpdesk.

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