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Welcome to “The View from Eigenvector”

Apr 14, 2007

The word “view” has many definitions. One of them is “a scene or vista,” and in fact, the picture at the top of this page is what I see out my office window here in Wenatchee, Washington. The mountains on the left and center are the Stuart range, and on the right you see Mt. Cashmere. I enjoy this view immensely, and the mountains here, along with the lakes and rivers, are a big part of why most of us “Eigenvectorians” are here in Washington.

Another definition of “view” is “an individual and personal perception, judgment, or interpretation; an opinion,” and that is what “The View from Eigenvector” will mostly be about. In this space you can expect to find editorials on the state of the field of chemometrics, announcements about software and staff, discussions of the pros and cons of particular modeling approaches, explanations as to why we do things they way we do here at EvRI, etc.

Thanks for checking in on us!