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Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) Workshop

Course Description

In the BYOD workshop the participants provide the data and EVRI instructors will outline approaches for analyzing them. We will work directly with your data and you will also have the opportunity to learn from others in this all-day workshop. EVRI instructors will provide their hands-on experience with everything from how to import data, include additional information in data and, as time allows, outline paths that reaches the actual data analytical goals. You will also learn important insider tricks on data analysis and MATLAB scripting. You may not get concrete results in this workshop, but this is a rare opportunity to gain invaluable skills, insight and confidence quickly.

The outcomes for participants will vary based on how complicated their datasets and goals are. As a participant you may choose to

  1. submit your own data and questions for Eigenvector staff to review, analyze, and present at the session
  2. attend the session to survey our approaches to data analysis (no data submitted)

If you wish to participate in this session in the latter role, there are no additional requirements other than signing up. For the former, we have a hard deadline of April 24, 2024 to have both your data and questions in hand. Please plan on having clearance issues resolved prior to submission; we can work with you on necessary steps to obscure any confidential information.

We will have a limit of eight datasets to analyze and present at this session. We will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis – the first eight datasets received will be those investigated and reported on during the course. We will send a note to participants once we have reached this limit.

Contact us at byod2024@eigenvector.com with any questions and to arrange sending your data.


Chemometrics I – PCA and Chemometrics II – Regression and PLS or equivalent experience.