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The Gang’s all here: Chemometric software updates released

Nov 5, 2009

In this case, “the Gang” is all our most popular software packages, and they’ve all gotten substantial improvements. This includes our flagship MATLAB toolbox for chemometrics, PLS_Toolbox, and its stand-alone version Solo. Plus our products for Multivariate Image Analysis MIA_Toolbox and the stand alone Solo+MIA.

As evidenced by the release notes, PLS_Toolbox and Solo received a host of additions and improvements. I’m particularly geeked about the performance improvements we’ve made to our Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR) code, which has been speeded up by a factor of 15-25, and the addition of a new interface for Correlation Spectroscopy. We’ve also added a lot of new file import/export options and further refined many of the plotting tools, making it easier than ever to get the information you want to see right in front of you.

Though considerable, the updates for PLS_Toolbox and Solo might be called evolutionary. But the MIA_Toolbox/Solo+MIA upgrade is revolutionary. The main interface for MIA is now the Image Manager, which provides a place to load, organize, explore, and manipulate images before further analysis with other Eigenvector tools. This plus the new Trend Tool make it easy to explore and edit multivariate images. The whole work flow is streamlined. Add this to the host of analysis methods available, the improved computational tools for things like MCR, and the availability of our tools for 64-bit platforms, and you’ve got a very powerful set of tools for dealing with large multivariate images!

Existing users with current maintenance contracts can down download the new tools from their accounts. New users can order or get free 30-day demos by creating an account.

Enjoy the updates!