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Solo 6.3 Released

Jun 30, 2011

Version 6.3 of our Solo software products were released this week. This includes the core Solo package, Solo+MIA and Solo+Model_Exporter. This release includes significant improvements to underlying libraries to make Solo faster, more memory friendly, make better use of multi-core processors, and have a more modern look and feel. Details can be found on the Solo 6.3 Release Notes page.

Solo+Model_Exporter 6.3 incorporates the latest Model_Exporter 2.5 which adds support for more preprocessing methods, improved memory support, and includes the freely-distributable .NET prediction engine (Model_Exporter Interpreter) for 3rd party integration. For detailed information, please see the Model_Exporter 2.5 Release Notes.

I asked our Chief of Technology Development, Jeremy M. Shaver, a few questions about the release.

BMW: Can Solo users expect to see performance gains?

JMS: If you use a system with multiple cores, or regularly work with data that is graphically-intensive or generally large, you should expect to see performance gains. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can expect to see interfaces which are more consistent with the operating system’s overall look and feel.

BMW: What does this mean for people trying to get models on-line?

JMS: The changes to Solo+Model_Exporter include more support for models with complex preprocessing and improved memory handling. It also includes the new freely distributable .NET object Model_Exporter Interpreter. This object can be integrated into third party .NET applications to easily get exported Solo models on-line. There is no royalty payments associated with either exporting a model or distributing the Interpreter.

BMW: Any impact for hand-held devices?

JMS: The Model_Exporter improvements in memory management also make exported Solo models more hand-held device friendly. In addition, the Model_Exporter Interpreter also makes integrating these models into existing applications much easier.

For more information about what’s been added to Solo (and PLS_Toolbox) in recent releases please see the PLS_Toolbox/Solo Release Notes.

Solo users with current maintenance contracts can upgrade now. Free demos are also available to those with accounts in our system. Don’t have an account? Start by creating one.