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NIR of Corn Samples for Standardization Benchmarking

This data set consists of 80 samples of corn measured on 3 different NIR spectrometers. The wavelength range is 1100-2498nm at 2 nm intervals (700 channels). The moisture, oil, protein and starch values for each of the samples is also included. A number of NBS glass standards were also measured on each instrument. The data was originally taken at Cargill. Many thanks for Mike Blackburn for letting us distribute it.

The data is stored as DataSet Objects as described below:

information: [20x59 char ]    Information about the data
      m5spec: [80x700 dataset] Spectra on instrument m5 
     mp5spec: [80x700 dataset] Spectra on instrument mp5
     mp6spec: [80x700 dataset] Spectra on instrument mp6
    propvals: [80x4 dataset]   Property values for samples
       m5nbs: [ 3x700 dataset] NBS glass stds on m5 
      mp5nbs: [ 4x700 dataset] NBS glass stds on mp5 
      mp6nbs: [ 4x700 dataset] NBS glass stds on mp6
NameSizeKindLast Modified
corn.mat1.4 MBMATLAB documentWed, June 1, 2005, 08:29 AM