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Metal Etch Data for Fault Detection Evaluation

This data set consists of the engineering variables from a LAM 9600 Metal Etcher over the course of etching 129 wafers. The data consists of 108 normal wafers taken during 3 experiments (numbers 29, 31 and 33) and 21 wafers with intentionally induced faults taken during the same experiments. Note that the experiments were run several weeks apart and data from different experiments has a different mean and somewhat different covariance structure. The experiment number is in the name of the wafer in the calib_names and test_names fields, respectively. 

For more information about this data set, please see: B.M. Wise, N.B. Gallagher, S.W. Butler, D.D. White, Jr. and G.G. Barna, “A Comparison of Principal Components Analysis, Multi-way Principal Components Analysis, Tri-linear Decomposition and Parallel Factor Analysis for Fault Detection in a Semiconductor Etch Process”, J. Chemometrics, 13, 379­396 (1999). 

The data is stored as a MATLAB structure array. The specific fields in this structure array are described below:

  INFORMATION: [ 29x63 char]  Information about the data
  calibration: {108x1  cell}  The normal or calibration wafers
  calib_names: [108x9  char]  Names of the calibration wafers
         test: { 21x1  cell}  The test or faulty wafers      
   test_names: [ 21x9  char]  Names of the test wafers       
  fault_names: [ 21x9  char]  Names of the specific faults   
    variables: [ 21x14 char]  Names of the variables
NameSizeKindLast Modified
MACHINE_Data.mat2.1MBMATLAB documentMon, May 24, 1999, 10:18 AM
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