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Ready for MATLAB 2019b

Sep 25, 2019

The MathWorks just released MATLAB® 2019b, and as always, we’re ready! The latest versions of our PLS_Toolbox, MIA_Toolbox and Model_Exporter are all set to go. So whether you are doing PLS calibrations on NIR spectra, curve resolution of pharmaceutical tablets for content uniformity, or SVM models to classify LIBS spectra you can switch to the new MATLAB and keep right on working.

PLS_Toolbox and MIA_Toolbox running in MATLAB 2019b.

As far as compatibility updates go this was a fairly easy one: the changes from MATLAB 2019a to 2019b didn’t break any of our code. We have an extensive suite of test codes that we run to verify this, plus several of us here at Eigenvector always use the MATLAB pre-release in order to identify any issues.

But it’s not always the case that MATLAB upgrades are easy. Sometimes MATLAB updates are significant enough that it requires hundreds of man-hours on our part to make our software work properly. This is especially challenging because we try to maintain a five year window of compatibility with MATLAB versions. The current version of PLS_Toolbox (8.7.1) is compatible with MATLAB 2014a through 2019b.

What does that mean for users? It means that you can stick with your favorite version of MATLAB over the last five years (yes, we all have our favorite versions!) and still use our latest tools. And when you’re ready to switch to the newest version of MATLAB, that will work too! And of course you can also choose between operating systems as we support Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Happy Computing!


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