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Ready for EigenU 2011

May 14, 2011

The Sixth Annual Eigenvector University starts tomorrow, May 15. The computers are set up, the catering is finalized and the notes are printed. We’re ready to go! I’m always glad when we get to this point. The prep work gets tedious sometimes but I always enjoy the classes.

Once again we’ll have 40+ participants from North America and Europe. We’re looking forward to some good interaction with a diverse set of students. I see we have enrollees from the pharmaceutical industry, medical device companies, national laboratories, food products, mining, and instrument manufacturers. And of course a strong contingent of academicians. Should be a good mix!

Perhaps my favorite parts of teaching is when somebody asks a really good question. One that makes you think hard and delve into the background of the methods we work with. Hopefully, we’ll get some of those–they provide good fodder for this blog!

I’ll report back this week with any interesting developments.