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PLS_Toolbox and Solo 5.2 Released

Apr 8, 2009

PLS_Toolbox and Solo 5.2 were released on April 7, 2009. This is the first major update to version 5.0. There’s a little too much new stuff in it to call it 5.1 (see the complete list), so we’re calling it 5.2. At first glance you won’t actually notice many of the improvements; most of them are “under the hood.” But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

The most exciting advancements in release 5.2 make it easier to use PLS_Toolbox and Solo with the software used to control analytical instruments. EVRIGUI Objects allow manipulation and access to our main interfaces, Analysis and Browse. MATLAB users can use these tools to write scripts to control the GUIs to access data and results. For instance, users can easily write a script which starts up PLS_Toolbox, pushes data into it, sets the parameters of an analysis (such as preprocessing and modeling method), and calculates a preliminary model. Solo Remote Control allows similar functionality with Solo.

The bottom line is that it is now easier than ever for analytical instrument makers to integrate PLS_Toolbox and Solo with their instrument software. In the current release, we’ve used these tools to make our software work with instruments from Hamilton Sundstrand and Horiba. (More about that later.)

So if you are looking for chemometrics software for use with your analytical instruments, check out PLS_Toolbox and Solo. They’re powerful, easy-to-use, economical, and they play nicely!