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New Website Up and Running

Jul 21, 2010

We’re pleased to announce that the new Eigenvector website is up! We’ve been working on it for several months. You may have noticed we haven’t updated the current site during that time, but it is all up-to-date now!

I developed Eigenvector’s first website in the fall of 1996. There were just over 2 million registered domain names in 1996 with .net, .org and .com extensions. Now there are well over 100 million. The original Eigenvector website ran off a server in our house in Manson, WA, which was connected to the internet via frame-relay. It even had a webcam that looked out my window.

Visitors should find the new site more streamlined, consistent and easier to navigate. We’ve also designed it to make it easier for us to keep updated. Our old site, which had grown slowly since it’s last major revamp in about 1999, had become pretty fractured and unwieldy. We hope that we can serve you better with our new site!