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New Releases: PLS_Toolbox/Solo/Solo+MIA 7.0, MIA_Toolbox 2.8

Oct 30, 2012

New versions of our MATLAB-based PLS_Toolbox and MIA_Toolbox were released earlier this month, along with updates to our stand-alone packages Solo and Solo+MIA. PLS_Toolbox and its derivatives, Solo and Solo+MIA, are now in version 7.0, while MIA_Toolbox is in version 2.8. As can be seen in the release notes, the list of enhancements and additions is long (as usual!).

Many of the new features are demonstrated in the new EigenGuide video, “What’s New in Version 7.0.” The video illustrates the use of:

  • additional information in the Analysis interface, such as error of cross-validation
  • interfaces for splitting data sets into calibration and validation sets
  • tools for visualizing the difference between samples for both their Q residuals and T2 contributions
  • simplified control of plot attributes
  • readily available class statistics
  • automated peak finding
  • tools for finding specific samples and variables based on logical operators

Of particular note in this release is the expansion of the Batch Process Modeling tools. The Batch Processor tool readies data sets for modeling by Summary PCA, Batch Maturity, MPCA, and several PARAFAC variants. It then pushes the data sets into the Analysis tool where the models are developed. To see the Batch Processor and Analysis in action, watch the video. The combination of the Batch Processor and methods supported in the Analysis interface allows modelers to follow most of the pathways outlined in my TRICAP 2012 talk, “Getting to Multiway: A Roadmap for Batch Process Data.”

This release reaffirms EVRI’s commitment to continuous software improvement – it completes our fifth year of semiannual major releases. The best chemometrics software just keeps getting better!