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Network and Floating Licenses

Jun 12, 2008

The majority of the licenses we sell for PLS_Toolbox and our other products are single user licenses, though they might be more correctly called single computer licenses. Our license agreement, (which is based on the license agreement used by The MathWorks for their toolboxes), states “This license permits licensee to install and use one copy of the Program on a single computer.” We have no objection to multiple users accessing our software, provided that they do so at the single computer upon which it is installed. Though the license does not expressly allow this, we also don’t object if single users make a copy of our software for their laptop or home computer. We draw the line, however, at multiple users accessing our software from multiple computers. This is clearly outside the single user license.

We do have a cost effective solution, however, for the multiple users/multiple computers situation: network/floating licenses. EVRI has developed its own license server that can be used to limit the number of copies of PLS_Toolbox and Solo currently in use. Thus, a group of users can share a number of licenses. This works well if most users in the group need PLS_Toolbox or Solo only occasionally.

We price our floating licenses at 1.5 times the cost of a single user license, as given on our price list. Thus, a single-seat industrial floating license for PLS_Toolbox is $1495, and a single-seat industrial floating license for Solo is $2545. Multi-seat license discounts begin at 3 seats.

If you have questions about our floating/network licenses or license server, drop me a line at bmw@eigenvector.com. We’d be happy to help you set things up so that more of your users could access our chemometric tools in a cost effective way.