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Multi-platform Chemometrics Software

Oct 14, 2011

When I go to conferences I often look around to see what sort of computers people are using. In the past year or so I’ve noticed a significant uptick in the number of Macs. At SSC-12, SIMS-XVIII and FACSS/SCIX-2011 Macs accounted for about half of the laptops that I saw in use in the technical sessions and the trade shows.

So, who is making chemometrics software for anything besides Windows? Umetrics isn’t. SIMCA is Windows only. CAMO isn’t. Unscrambler® X is Windows only. Infometrix isn’t. Pirouette® is Windows only. The answer, of course, is Eigenvector Research. Because MATLAB® is available on all platforms, EVRI’s flagship PLS_Toolbox, plus our MIA_Toolbox and EMSC_Toolbox work on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows too. And that includes the 64-bit versions!

Don’t have MATLAB? Not a problem. Our stand-alone packages Solo and Solo+MIA also run on all platforms, including the 64-bit versions. Even our on-line prediction engine, Solo_Predictor, runs on all platforms.

So, besides the fact that PLS_Toolbox and Solo support a wider array of chemometric methods and preprocessing options, and the fact that their point-and-click interfaces are highly intuitive, you can add the fact that they run on more than just Windows. And as if that weren’t enough, they also cost less.

So if you are looking for great chemometrics software that runs in a multi-platform environment, EVRI has solutions for you!


Unscrambler® is a registered trademark of CAMO, Inc.
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MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.