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Chemometrics Q&A at FOSS Video

Jan 28, 2013

We have developed a collaboration with FOSS where we teach an open chemometrics course at their World Headquarters in Hillerød, Denmark, each fall. During our last course, the FOSS folks asked if I would do an interview for their NIRPerformance.com website. The website is a resource for Feed industry professionals who work with Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy.

The interview is a little bit slanted towards NIR users but contains some good general information about our courses, consulting and general chemometrics philosophy. In the video I answer the following questions about chemometrics and our courses:

  • Whom are your chemometrics courses for?
  • How much of an NIR solution is based on chemometrics?
  • What does the average NIR user need to know about chemometrics?
  • What are the trends in chemometrics today?
  • How will your course attendees use their training in chemometrics?

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