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Eigenvector President Goes to Jail

Jun 25, 2009

But it was for a good cause.

I recently participated in the March of Dimes “Jail and Bail” fundraiser. The MoD got it’s start raising money for polio research in 1938. The other name for polio is “infantile paralysis,” as it typically attacked children and young adults. MoD defeated polio in the 1950’s, and has since gone on to work on other aspects of infant health. Most recently they are on a drive to prevent premature birth. Too many babies are born too early and too small, and it often affects their health for the rest of their lives.


In the “Jail and Bail” fundraiser you have to raise bail to avoid being locked up. If you don’t raise your bail beforehand, you are put in the slammer and obligated to get on the phone and solicit your friends and relatives until you raise the dough to get out.

This year the local jail was in the East Wenatchee Mall. I’m not a big fan of hanging out at the mall talking on my cell phone, so I worked my friends, relatives and fellow Eigenvectorians pretty hard over the last couple weeks. And I’m pleased to say that they came through! I raised $1250 and am still expecting to receive a few more pledged contributions. Most donated through my “Jail and Bail” web page. This made for a pleasant incarceration for me: I came in, got my mug shot, handed over my bail, made one last solicitation via email, and headed home.

The EigenGuys came through with 100% participation, although some of them, (Neal and Willem), spent some time trying to figure out how to donate in a way that would keep me in jail. I’m glad they didn’t figure that out–I don’t look good in stripes!

Thanks again to everyone that donated, and to the good folks at MoD for all their efforts on behalf of babies!