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Eigenvector Now a Teenager

Feb 12, 2008

Hi Folks:

While dropping off my 15 year-old at school today it occurred to me that, like her, EVRI was now a teenager. Eigenvector Research was founded on January 1, 1995. So I guess that means we turned 13 last month. Yikes!

Teenagers are often associated with mood-swings, disdain for authority, a cynical outlook, and the more than occasional outburst. I hope that’s not us! Well, OK, we do try to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism, and we do certainly let people know what we think–that’s our job as consultants. But the staff of EVRI is also goal-oriented, dedicated, talented, smart, helpful, and easy to get along with (just like my teenager).

I guess its a sign of maturity when you don’t think much about your birthdays. Our history is long enough now that most of our anniversaries are not significant milestones. EVRI is just 13, but between us we have over 100 man-years of chemometrics experience and expertise.

At any rate, you don’t have be afraid of us, just because we’re 13! Give us a call and we promise not to bite your head off. 🙂