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EigenU Registration Open

Apr 9, 2009

The fourth edition of Eigenvector University will be held in Seattle May 17-22. We’re excited about this edition in part because we have four new courses: Robust Methods, Correlation Spectroscopy, Common Mistakes in Chemometrics (and how not to make them), and Implementing Chemometrics in PAT.

But we’re also excited because EigenU is about the only time during the year where we get the whole Eigenvector staff together. This is a benefit for us–we like to see each other and exchange ideas on consulting projects, talk about software development, etc. But it’s also a benefit for the attendees–a chance to talk to all the Eigenvectorians and find whichever one of us has the most experience on your problem.

While we’ve been somewhat worried that the current economy would affect our attendance, I’m pleased to report that registrations are coming in and we’re up to 17 participants as of April 9. Apparently, there are some companies out there that realize that the best time to sharpen the saw is before all the orders for logs come in.

Early registration for EigenU ends on April 17. After that, prices go up, so get your training plan in order now!