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EigenU 2011 Registration Now Open

Jan 25, 2011

The Sixth edition of Eigenvector University will be held May 15-20, 2011. Once again, we’ll be at the fabulous Washington Athletic Club in the heart of downtown Seattle.

We’ve added two new classes this year, “SVMs, LWR and other Non-linear Methods for Calibration and Classification” and “Design of Experiments.” The non-linear methods class will focus on Support Vector Machines for regression and classification, which were added to PLS_Toolbox/Solo version 5.8 (February 2010) along with an interface to Locally Weighted Regression. We’ve found these methods to be quite useful in a number of situations, as have our users. The DOE course will focus on practical aspects experimental design, including designing data sets for multivariate calibration.

I sometimes say that the secret to Eigenvector Research is data preprocessing, i.e. what you do to the data before it hits a PLS or other multivariate model. Thus, “Advanced Preprocessing” has been expanded to a full day for EigenU 2011. We’ll cover many methods for eliminating extraneous variance, including the “decluttering” methods (Generalized Least Squares Weighting, External Parameter Orthogonalization, etc.) we’ve highlighted recently. “Multivariate Curve Resolution” has also be expanded to a full day in order to better cover the use of constraints and contrast control.

EigenU 2011 will also include three evening events, including Tuesday night’s “PLS_Toolbox/Solo User Poster Session,” (with iPod Nanos for the best two posters), Wednesday night’s “PLS_Toolbox/Solo PowerUser Tips & Tricks,” and the Thursday evening dinner event.

You can register for EigenU through your user account. For early discount registration, payment must be received by April 15. Questions? E-mail me.

See you at EigenU!