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EigenGuys at FACSS in Reno

Oct 20, 2008

This was the first year in a long time that I didn’t make it to FACSS, but that doesn’t mean that Eigenvector wasn’t there. The EigenGuys attending included Neal Gallagher, Jeremy Shaver, Chuck Miller and Scott Koch.

As usual, EVRI taught some courses: Neal took the lead on our popular Chemometrics without Equations, and introduced a new course, Advanced Chemometrics without Equations. As its name implies, ACWE explains concepts such as advanced preprocessing and variable selection in words and pictures rather than equations.

The EigenGuys also gave a number of talks. Jeremy presented “Making Do-Weighted regression models for use with less-than-perfect data.” This work describes a strategy for developing models based on historical data when the most interesting or critical data is underrepresented.

Chuck presented our still-not-quite-complete study of preprocessing and calibration transfer methods, “Combining Calibration Transfer and Preprocessing: What methods, What Order?” The good news is, as far as the examples we have go, it doesn’t matter if you preprocess then do calibration transfer or the other way around. (If you have data where you think it makes a real difference, please drop a line.) Chuck’s other offering, “Analytical Chemistry and Multi-Block Modeling for Improved NIR Spectral Interpretation,” demonstrated how PLS2 can be used to analyze data from multiple analytical instruments in order improve understanding. This deeper knowledge can be used in turn to improve model performance.

Scott headed up the trade show aspect of the conference, manning our booth. Scott’s main task was doing demos of our new PLS_Toolbox 5.0, which was just released last week. Look for Solo 5.0 shortly!