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Compiling PLS_Toolbox

Apr 17, 2008

The MathWorks MATLAB® Compiler™ can be used to develop stand-alone applications based on MATLAB code. The current version of the Compiler supports the full MATLAB language, objects (including custom class objects), most of the TMW MATLAB toolboxes and user-developed GUIs. As such, its a pretty handy tool for creating custom applications that can be redistributed. The resulting applications run on MATLAB libraries, essentially a “headless MATLAB”, and have the same stability and functionality of the code running under MATLAB.

We’ve been getting an increasing number of inquiries about compiling PLS_Toolbox functions. Yes, it is possible to compile PLS_Toolbox functions, they are completely compatible with the MATLAB Compiler (this is how we create our stand-alone products). However, our standard end-user license agreement expressly forbids recompilation and/or redistribution of PLS_Toolbox .m files. And, you must have a special license code from us to make it work.

We offer a variety of recompilation licenses for parts of PLS_Toolbox depending on the functions required and the distribution of the final product. The license required, and the price we charge, is determined by the answers to the following questions.

  • Where and how will the compiled application be distributed? (Inside one company, as part of a product, etc.)
  • How many users will be using the end application?
  • What is the purpose of the application?
  • Does the application make use of any of the graphical user interfaces of PLS_Toolbox? (e.g. Analysis, PlotGUI, Genalg, Browse)

If getting PLS_Toolbox models on-line is your goal, compiling our predictor functions is one way to do it. We’re always happy to help users get more mileage out of their models. But note that there are other ways to get models on-line, including Model_Exporter and Solo_Predictor.

Using PLS_Toolbox code in your application can save hundreds of man-hours of development time compared to starting from scratch. And you know you can trust it because it has been extensively tested and updated by Eigenvector and used by the thousands of PLS_Toolbox users. Let PLS_Toolbox accelerate your next analytical application!