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Chemometrics Software Prices

Jun 13, 2008

I was doing a little market research the other day, trying to find out what our competitors charge for their software. As it turns out, it’s somewhat difficult to get prices for several of them.

EVRI publishes its price list, as does Infometrix. So if you want to find out the price of PLS_Toolbox, or the price of Pirouette, it’s just a click away. But if you want to get a price on Unscrambler from CAMO, SIMCA-P+ from MKS/Umetrics, or GRAMS from Thermo Scientific, that’s a little tougher. You have to write for a quote.

So, on Wednesday, June 11, I wrote for quotes on Unscrambler and SIMCA-P+. I’m still waiting to hear back. I’ll let you know if/when I get my quotes.

But, it’s my understanding that SIMCA-P+, Unscrambler, and GRAMS are all priced similarly to Pirouette, which is $4500, or more. We think that our PLS_Toolbox and Solo products are a much better value.

If you already have MATLAB, (and more than one million people do), PLS_Toolbox is an absolute steal at $995. And if you don’t, Solo, at $1695, offers the point-and-click interfaces of PLS_Toolbox without requiring MATLAB. Both Solo and PLS_Toolbox are easy to use, offer sophisticated data preprocessing techniques, and many tools not found in other packages, such as PARAFAC and calibration transfer tools.

And with the current exchange rate of $1.00 = 0.65€, our prices are at historic lows for our European customers.

So if you’re in the market for multivariate software solutions, be sure to check out EVRI. It’s where the value is!