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Chemometrics Software for Classroom Use

Sep 17, 2012

Autumn is nearly here and with it comes the first semester of the school year. This morning I was greeted by a sign of fall: a slew of student account creation notifications, drifting into my email inbox like falling leaves.

At EVRI, we work with professors to make our software freely available to students enrolled in chemometrics courses. Students can get free 6-month demo licenses of our MATLAB-based PLS_Toolbox and MIA_Toolbox, or stand-alone Solo or Solo+MIA.

I traded emails this morning with Professor Anna de Juan of the Universitat de Barcelona. This will be the third year we’ve worked with Prof. de Juan on her chemometrics class. She wrote, “we had a very good experience the two semesters using PLS_Toolbox in the classroom. The students were happy and only a pair of them had problems of installation at home. It really made it easy that they could play with proposed data sets out of the classroom, at their own pace and exploring many possibilities.” de Juan noted her students typically use Solo at home because they generally don’t have personal copies of MATLAB.

Another advantage of Solo is that it is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I see lots of Apple laptops on college campuses. A search of the web reveals estimates ranging from 30-70% of college students using Macs. We see a substantial number of student downloads of our Solo for Mac, and expect that number to grow.

Interested in teaching Chemometrics? Drop me a line and we’ll be happy to work with you to provide software for your students.