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Chemometric “how to” videos on-line

Nov 12, 2009

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?

Here at EVRI we’ve started developing a series of short videos that show “how to” do various chemometric tasks with our software packages, including our new PLS_Toolbox 5.5 and Solo 5.5. Some of the presentations are pretty short and specific, but others are a little longer (10-15 minutes) and are a blend of teaching a bit about the method being used while showing how to do it in the software.

An example of the latter is “PCA on Wine Data” which shows how to build a Principal Components Analysis model on a small data set concerning the drinking habits, health and longevity of the population of 10 countries. Another movie, “PLS on Tablet Data” demonstrates building a Partial Least Squares calibration for a NIR spectrometer to predict assay values in pharmaceutical tablets.

While I was at it, I just couldn’t help producing a narrated version of our “Eigenvector Company Profile.”

We plan to have many more of these instructional videos that cover aspects of chemometrics and our software from basic to advanced. We hope you find each of them worth at least 1000 words!