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By Popular Demand: EigenU Online

Jun 22, 2012

At the last several editions of Eigenvector University (aka EigenU) our beginning track courses have been consistently overbooked. This includes the first three days of courses consisting of Linear Algebra for Chemometricians, MATLAB for Chemometricians, Chemometrics I: PCA, and Chemometrics II: Regression and PLS. There were also EigenU attendees with schedule conflicts that made it impossible for them to attend some of these courses, but they needed the background to attend other EigenU courses.

Therefore, due to popular demand, we’ve created EigenU Online. EigenU Online allows users to get chemometrics training on their own schedule and at their own desk. The material covered is the same as in their EigenU counterparts. Courses consist of video lectures using both slides and software demonstrations, plus course notes in .pdf format. Additional materials and data sets are included for some courses.

The goal of the EigenU Online courses is to provide students the background they’ll need to understand the chemometric methods presented and accomplish typical modeling tasks in PLS_Toolbox and Solo. But, like our EigenU courses, they aren’t just about using software! No matter whose software you use, you’ll be a better user after EigenU Online.

We’ve made a couple segments of our online courses available free for your evaluation. Just login to your Eigenvector account, or create one. Under the EigenU Online tab you’ll see a link to the lecture Classical Least Squares – Introduction, and to Classical Least Squares – Hands-on Example which shows how the course software demonstrations work.

For complete information, see the EigenU Online page. Still have questions? Write to me at bmw@eigenvector.com.