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EVRI-thing You Need to Know About Importing Data into PLS_Toolbox and Solo

May 13, 2020

Before discovery can begin you first have to get your data into the software. This step often presents challenges that can delay the entire process. Learn how to jump start your modeling by efficiently organizing and importing data into PLS_Toolbox and Solo. In this webinar we’ll discuss

* Built-in importers for common file types

* Importing spreadsheets

* Adding meta data using the DataSet Editor

* Importing and constructing hyperspectral image data sets

Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction and Outline

05:02 – It’s all Connected

05:56 – Data Arrangement

06:37 – Import Checklist

07:24 – Examples: Built-in Importers

24:40 – Examples: Excel/CSV Files

44:26 – Examples: Experiment File Reader

48:24 – Examples: Hyperspectral Data

53:18 – Summary