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EVRI-thing You Need to Know About Data Visualization with PLS_Toolbox and Solo

Apr 23, 2020

Data visualization techniques are often the key to unlocking information in large, high dimension data sets. In this webinar we explore many of these methods and show you how to access them in PLS_Toolbox and Solo. Learn how to:

  • add meta-data such as class information, additional axes and labels to your data sets
  • use “color by” to add information to plots of raw data as well as scores and loadings
  • modify plot symbols and create custom class sets
  • visualize class variance with spider plots and confidence ellipses
  • change color options in hyperspectral image analysis

plus many more data display techniques!

Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction and Outline

02:13 – Setting up your Dataset Object

06:45 – A Brief Word about PCA, PLS, etc.

08:29 – PCA on ARCH

20:42 – PLS on NIR Shootout

38:34 – PLS-DA on MTBL592

43:24 – Chimiometrie 2018 Challenge

48:50 – PCA on Excedrin

57:42 – SIMS Depth Profiling

1:00:08 – Summary

Try it yourself. Get a free demo of Solo (or PLS_Toolbox) from https://www.software.eigenvector.com/toolbox/download/ (Free account creation required)