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EVRI-thing You Need to Know About Automated Hierarchical Classification Models

Mar 16, 2023

The recently released PLS_Toolbox and Solo version 9.2 includes many improvements and additions, but perhaps the most exciting is the Hierarchical Model Automatic Classifier (HMAC) tool. The HMAC automatically creates a decision tree of Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA) models for complex classification problems. It is based on the recently published AHIMBU method (Marchi, Lorenzo, et al. “Automatic Hierarchical Model Builder.” J. Chemometrics, 36(12), Nov. 2022). In this webinar we’ll cover

  • Introduction to hierarchical models
  • Brief review of the Hierarchical Model Builder (HMB) tool
  • The AHIMBU method
  • Using the HMAC tool in PLS_Toolbox and Solo
  • Advantages of AHIMBU: interpretability and transparency

Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction

02:30 – The Problem

06:30 – Example: Sugar Data

21:51 – Example: Saffron Data

25:27 – Example: Blood Data