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Manuel Palacios, Ph.D

Principal Consultant and Data Scientist, 
Eigenvector Research, Inc.



Ph.D, Photochemical Sciences, Bowling Green State University, 2008
B.S, Chemistry, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, 2004


Lead Scientist at General Electric

Chemistry analytics, Quality control monitoring, data sciences, analytical chemistry, sensing materials.

Postdoctoral Associate, Tufts University

Single molecule detection, InfoChemistry and InfoBiology.

Postdoctoral Associate, Bowling Green State University

Preparation and Characteriation of attoreactors and high density arrays of nanoscopic sensors.

Selected Awards and Honors:

“Extraordinary Impact” in a GE Business, 2015
GE Patent Award, 2015
Dushman Award for technical achievement with significant business impact, GE, 2013
Sigma XI Inductee, GE, 2012
Sigma XI Outstanding Research, Sigma XI Scientific Research Societ, BGSU Chapter, 2008
Finalist of the Charles E. Shanklin Awards for Research Excellence, BGSU Graduate College, 2007
McMaster Outstanding Research Fellow of Distinction Fellowship, BGSU Graduate College, 2005
Katzner Graduate Student Professional Development Award, BGSU Graduate College, 2005
McMaster Academic Fellowship, BGSU Graduate College, 2005


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