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    Why do I get the error "Reference to non-existent field 'nobs'"?

Possible Solutions:

    The "nobs" issue has been resolved as of Version 4.1 of PLS_Toolbox. Please upgrade your license to assure best performance with the latest Matlab and follow the directions regarding order of folders on your path, below.

    There has been a long-standing conflict between the Eigenvector Research (EVRI) DataSet object and an identically-named object supplied in the Mathworks (MW) Stats toolbox. Read more on that conflict here:

    The 'nobs' error arises with older versions of PLS_Toolbox (4.0 and earlier) or when using certain Statistics Toolbox functions with PLS_Toolbox at the top of the path.

    •To make PLS_Toolbox Version 4.1 and later work with the new Statistics Toolbox, PLS_Toolbox must be at the top of the Matlab path.

    If you want to switch back to using the Statistics Toolbox dataset object, move the PLS_Toolbox to the bottom of the path (or remove it from the path) and type the command:
       clear classes
    Note: This will clear all variables in the workspace and that, with PLS_Toolbox at the bottom of the path, most PLS_Toolbox functions will not operate.

    •To make PLS_Toolbox Version 4.0 work with the new Statistics Toolbox:

    1) PLS_Toolbox must be at the top of the Matlab path.

    2) You must install the following patch into your @DataSet folder in the PLS_Toolbox main folder. Download the ZIP file below and copy the contents into the @dataset folder located in the main PLS_Toolbox folder.

    3) After installing the patch, run the following command to make sure Matlab recognizes the new mfiles:
    >> rehash toolboxcache

    See the general R2007a compatibility FAQ item for more information on compatibility with 2007a.

Still having problems? Check our documentation Wiki or try writing our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com