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    I loose my floating license if I am inactive in Matlab. How do I keep a license checked out?

Possible Solutions:

    By default, PLS_Toolbox's floating license system is set to check out a license only when you are actively using PLS_Toolbox functions. If enough time elapses between when you use PLS_Toolbox commands, your license will be released on the License Server. As a result, you may find that your license gets taken by another user during that "down time".

    You can make sure that you keep a license checked out during the entire time Matlab is running by adding the following line to your startup.m file. (Note: you may not have a startup.m file on your system - if not, simply create one in any of the folders on your Matlab path or in the folder Matlab starts up in).

    In that file add this line:
       start(timer('Period',15*60,'ExecutionMode','fixedSpacing','TimerFcn','if pls(''test''); end'));
    This will create a timer which will test every 15 minutes to make sure you keep your PLS_Toolbox license checked out.

    Please note that if no licenses are available, you will be told every 15 minutes by a pop-up window.

    To stop this timer simply type:

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